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About Botany Plastics

Botany Plastics manufacture plastic film products for the horticultural and agricultural industries, such as: planter bags, tree protection sleeves (tree guard), irrigation fluming, air ducting, and bark or fertiliser bags.

All products are manufactured using virgin polymers to ensure durable, long-lasting plastic film products, designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions, achieved through continuous testing and valuable client feedback.

Operating out of Nerang on the Gold Coast, we manufacture, supply & deliver to many areas Australia wide, however also supply many local distributors, as they are often more convenient due to their location. Click HERE to see if there is a distributor in your area.

Our processes allow smaller production runs, and customising products to suit your specific requirements.

Note: All prices throughout this site include 10% GST, and planter bags are also subject to a 5% nursery levy

Currently there are no payment options available for orders placed through this website, however orders are emailed to our sales team were we will get back to you with pricing, freight, etc.

For distributors wanting to use our online ordering system, please let us know, and we will send your specific login details. Orders can then be placed using your phone, computer or tablet, and include any applicable discount rates.